1. To preserve the independence, integrity and sovereignty of the state at all cost.

2. To reflect in all spheres of our national life the four fundamental principles of the Constitution, i.e. Complete faith in and reliance on the Almighty Allah, Democracy, Nationalism, and Socialism meaning economic and social justice.

3. To build ourselves into a self-reliant nation through all possible means.

4. To ensure people’s participation at all levels of administration, development programmes and in the maintenance of law and order

5. To strengthen rural economy and thus the national economy by according priority to agricultural development.

6. To make the country self-sufficient in food and ensure that nobody has to starve.

7. To set up cloth production so as to ensure supply of at least coarse cloth for everybody.

8. To take all possible measures so that no one remains homeless

9. To rid the country of the curse of illiteracy.

10. To ensure minimum medical care for everybody.

11. To place women at their rightful position in the society and to organize and inspire the youths for nation building.

12. To give necessary incentives to the private sector for the economic development of the country.

13. To improve the condition of the workers and develop healthy employer-worker relations in the interest of increased production.

14. To create an urge for public service and nation-building among the government employees and improve their financial condition.

15. To check population explosion.

16. To build up friendship based on equality with all countries and especially strengthen the relations with the Muslim nations.

17. To decentralize the system of administration and development and strengthen lo-cal Government.

18. To establish a social system based on Justice and fair play and free from corruption.

19. To safeguard the right of all citizen irrespective of religion, colour and sect and consolidate national unity and solidarity.

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