The The Monkey King 2 English Version Full Movie 2021

The The Monkey King 2 English Version Full Movie 2021


The The Monkey King 2 English Version Full Movie

Back in the West, the monk Moon Shadow crossed a river and found a golden statue that would help him in his quest. The Monkey King then used the statue to travel back to where the Brownies were and gain their help in his return journey back to China.

Monkey King found the Eye of the Sea and eventually rescued the young boy, Dabao. Together, the three set off for China in a boat that Monkey King had built. The fairy Ye crossed the river, having done so to look for her friend, and was retrieved by Monkey King.

Monkey King, Moon Shadow and the Brownies finally reached a desolate deserts that was ruled by the Red Boy Demon. Alone, Sun Wukong fought off the Demon to save Moon Shadow, becoming sick and exhausted in order to finally defeat the Demon. Along the way, the Monkey King revived the Red Boy Demon.

Monkey King then left the Red Boy Demon to join Moon Shadow, whose soul had now, for the first time, crossed the river. Together, the Monkey King and Moon Shadow crossed the river – something that they knew would be fatal for one of them. However, the two of them did the deed anyway, hoping for a better destiny together.

Monkey King drew a route on the map with a machete. He asked Moon Shadow if she knew of anything, and she concluded that he was talking about his body. Monkey King drew a line down his body and Moon Shadow marveled at him. She then gave him a potion to help him regain his youth. He thanked her and started running towards the direction he felt was the nearest mountain.

They finally found the what they were looking for: the Kama’s Peak. Monkey King quickly climbed the Peak and was surprised to discover the temple, which contained many of the prized artifacts of the realm.


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