The Bhoot And Friends Man Hd Full Movie Download In Hindi [TOP] ☝



The Bhoot And Friends Man Hd Full Movie Download In Hindi

The reason is, BHOOT AND FRIENDS and BHOOT UNKLE, both are too predictable. And I am not talking about the film’s predictable premise, where the fourth-wall, the law of gravity and other physical laws turn out to be silly especially when the movies are based on children’s stories. I am actually talking about the predictability of the plot itself, where the hero and villain know each other, that the hero nods and tucks the villain and the villain gets away with everything. The film has no surprises up its sleeves. It only has one fun-filled, suspense-free and visually stunning hour.

Fortunately, BHOOT AND FRIENDS is similar to most of the characters in the Indian kiddie films yet it tries to be original. For one, its plot has real-life references. The main villain of the movie is a bomb squad and a former government official, who is involved in planting of bombs in a train bound to Jammu. This film has a message about how a small group of helpless people can make a huge difference. It also has dialogues which can be discussed in a classroom. The film successfully grabs the audience’s attention from the start itself, particularly through the voice-over of the four children. How they are carried away by the ghost’s magical powers and how they can save their lives when the ghost’s help isn’t enough. The film is about being a kid, having fun, having faith and believing in yourself. It ends on a mixed note, with the closure for everybody and an opinion about believing in each other. It doesn’t provide much “uniqueness” to the Indian kiddie film landscape, which is the point of the film.

The film’s biggest strength is undoubtedly its background score [Gajendra & Bollywood Classics]. The one and only [Vikram Mishra] has put on a brilliant display in this one. The arrangements, songs and effect of each song is really good. The tracks starting from and including the ustadiya track to the songs that are used like the background score, all of them have the same spirit. They are melodious, meaningful, emotionally touching and make you sing along with them. The action sequences are shot in a professional manner and the camera doesn’t falter once through the film.


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