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The bandits moved through the underbrush with a certain ease thatimplied them enjoyed familiarity with the terrain. They were short,stocky men, heavy-jawed, thin-lipped, and swarthy. They looked likeMadagascar or the Philippines. The leader was an exceedingly wellbuilt man, six-foot tall and with shoulders that looked as though theycould scarcely be full grown, even at an early age. His face was as starkas a tiger’s, but there was a soldierly firmness about the mouth andchin that indicated a nature of intuition with a touch of courage andcourage with a touch of obstinacy.

The only concession to natural beauty that the bandits made wastheir lightness of clothing. Apparently they had left all surplusclothing on their horses, and had only put on a hide or two of theskin their ponies wore. But they all felt outfitted for starting a midsummermorning expedition by day. The belt that supported their revolvers andpistols was heavy, and a few of the band members carried smallshotguns in shoulder holsters. Aside from this utilitarian equipment,the men were lightly clad. They wore nothing more than a cotton loinclothunder their shirts, and a huge hat resembling a sergeant’s. Two of themwere armed only with empty holsters.

Instead of studying the dismal prospects before them, the bandwatched the overhang with extreme caution, and, as may be supposed, theloop of gossamer held between their fingers, Terry scrutinized theout-stretched limb where he would most likely be able to strike thecalcium line, as it were. There were seven bandits in all, and he wantedto allow for their alingement at a dozen spots. Every moment theycontinued to move cautiously. Something of their furtiveness of mannerwas communicated to their ponies.

More cautious movements of the animals told him that they were movinginto the open ground of the valley floor. He turned his head to lookat the camp. It consisted of two tents, the camping place for theband, and a small aid to the tents.


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