Ff Fight Omega VERIFIED

Ff Fight Omega VERIFIED

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Ff Fight Omega

Given that the Omega Weapon forms are non-canon, there’s no way to know what this form looks like in the original Final Fantasy, so I’ve drawn my own. A lot of this isn’t entirely accurate to the original, so in order to understand what this form looks like, you have to understand how the form difference between the two forms work. Omega has a unique entrance that it can enter through but it can’t leave without freeing all of the new monsters that it has created; it is set to free them when the battle is over. Concussive Wave is the ability that does this; it knocks the monsters around the vicinity, and if Omega is nearby it frees them immediately, while if Omega isn’t nearby, it only does so after a short period of time. This means that when you actually fight it, you need to be aware of the wave in action. In Omega Weapon form, the options to assist it are Extreme Sticky Climbing, which makes the equipped monster climb walls and jump up for a short period of time, and Extreme Overdrive, which makes the equipped monster use all of its standard attacks.

Combined with the custom Omega Sword, you need two stalwart characters to keep Omega Weapon form at bay, but with the right equipment it might be possible to take it on with only one. The best way to deal with Omega is probably to use a well-equipped character and have them stick to a rooftop or something else in range from Omega, and let time fly – as it’s going to take quite a bit of time and a few Conquses Wave casts, or one of your characters will die. Once Omega’s health is low, it will return to its previous form, and the game will give you a prompt to exit.

In the original Final Fantasy’s version you’re given no notification, but in Final Fantasy 1’s version, the second Omega is defeated early on by some freebies he allows you to accept, and it’s marked on the map. If you go back to the area you defeated it, you’ll see the marker.




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