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In an era before the AIDS scare, the film takes on the difficult issues of safe sex and condom, which were then just coming into vogue. Puru does not come clean with Amritha that he is having an affair with another woman. Both play out their guilt and back and forth, until finally Amritha comes to the truth by force. The two reluctantly agree to a divorce and Amritha’s family is put through a mild-mannered intervention. Amritha, like every other Indian woman, by and large, is resigned to this, but Puru is aghast. He has always thought it was a godly way to live, revealed by the Holy Scriptures, and he does not understand why his wife would want to throw their two children out just because he chose the easy road. Puru decides not to take the easy road anymore, and is healed from his obsession with building the house.

Puru (Dhyan) and Amrutha (Ramya) are a married couple but they behave like lovers. They like each other but quarrel sometimes. She is a spendthrift and he is a miser. She wants a child to build a family, while he wants to build a house. The film follows their trials and tribulations as they navigate the difficult world of marriage in the modern age. The film also has a strong social message and speaks to the emptiness of a large home without a large family inside it.


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