Depeche Mode Emax Samples


Depeche Mode Emax Samples

The Emax also features a new sampler section that can be used to recordplain-wave samples from the stereo out and trigger these samples usingLFO or VCO’s. The Emax and Express II have been patched together atthe breadboard stage to be logical extensions of the earlier models.In short, just clone the Emax and use the same patch cable you used withthe Express II.

Because of the Emax’s modular construction, the buttons on the frontpanel can be programmed to perform functions appropriate for the sample loaded in memory. You can also load any sampler patches you have, or any other sounds that may be stored in theinternal or external memory. You can play a multi-sample file by pressing one of the buttons. The Emax is also very expandable so early indications are it will offer extended memory capabilities as well, so also be on the lookout for an add-on module called the Engineering Card , which comes with an internal S-SENSE circuit breaker, allowing up to a 2 bit sample rate with full resolution.

Each instrument is selected 12 full steps, so if you want a 4 full-stepenvelope or a 4 full-step LFO, you must purchase four instruments. If yourbank of samples contains a 2 full-step LFO, that will not be selectable. TheLFO’s range up to 64 steps (16 steps each per channel) and each is assignable to any of the four sends. Each full-step in the envelope is also assignable and is an analog voltage level.

1) All Intensity:Right Hand ParagraphsNow, that we are in a comfortable position in terms of the BPM, let’s talk about the UI. There are a number of controls, each for setting the intensity of the selected sound bank. For example, when the master volume knob is turned fully counterclockwise, to the 0 dB level, the intensity is OFF; when the knob is turned fully clockwise, to the max volume, the intensity is 100dB.


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