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Usually, you will use the execution plan to generate a query which will be executed as a single, large query. However, you can always generate a query using several smaller queries. This enables you to more easily test your query, write it once, and use it for various purposes.

When the bugdb_plan subplan calls reg_init_plan, it first determines whether the current plan is online or offline. If the plan is online, the subplan uses it normally. If not, it raises an exception. This happens only if there has been a change in the first-level plan. An Offline_plan is generated as a result of a first-level transformation.

In the case where the current plan is offline, the bugdb_plan subplan starts using Batch_group, which has been prepared to execute an unknown batch with a specified query. Batch_group allocates a Top plan for its consumption. In many circumstances, it simply executes the first batch. In other circumstances, it may take this approach:

If the prepared handmade_plan uses parameters, then it tries to find a plan for the subsubplan specified in the parameters. It tries to find an Online_group. If it fails to find one, it allocates a Top plan for its consumption.

When a session times out, it is moved from the queue and into the INACTIVE state. INACTIVE sessions contend for CPU time by timing out for regular intervals. A session that executes for too long ends in the terminated status. The INACTIVE session may subsequently perform a cleanup operation if it needs to. The termination status of a session consists of three pieces of information: the primary reason for the termination, the time at which the termination occurred, and the reason for the termination.

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