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Picmv is a Windows application designed to copy photographs from your digital camera to your computer in bulk. It's capable of creating thumbnails, rotating images to the correct position using EXIF information, and renaming files by adding consecutive numbers. Portable file mover for digital camera photos The tool doesn't need to be installed, so you can copy the downloaded files to a custom directory or to a USB flash drive to run Picmv on any PC directly. All main options are organized in a single window, which shows descriptions next to each button to help you understand what it does. By default, the application is set to automatically recognize the directory with memory cards of your digital camera. However, if the autodetect feature fails or if you have multiple cards available, you can switch to manual setup mode and indicate the exact folders where you wish to copy images from. Set the copy destination and file naming rules to auto-sort photos It's necessary to point out a destination on your computer where you want to copy or move the pictures to. As far as naming rules are concerned, you can set the tool to automatically sort the batches of files by taking into account the year, month and date when it was taken, along with other details. Create thumbnails for photo albums and auto-rotate pictures To create thumbnails for a photo album, tick this option and set the width and height of each file (in pixels). Also, you can set a different directory than the one used for copying the images, as well as specify different naming conditions. In case files with the same names already exist, then Picmv can proceed to the next task, add a serial number to the new file, or overwrite the old one, depending on your preference. To change the orientation of the photos based on EXIF, tick the Image Rotation by Orientation Attribute box. For additional settings, click the Options button on the lower-left corner of the window. For example, you can specify the extensions of the files you want to copy while leaving the rest untouched, include videos to move them as well, and set the JPEG quality. Quick and easy-to-use tool for transferring digital camera photos and videos All things considered, Picmv features a set of practical options for helping you quickly copy images and videos from memory cards to your hard drive.







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Get your digital camera photos and videos transferred to your computer quickly and easily. Picshuffle is an easy-to-use utility to shuffle images in batches. It requires no installation. Picshuffle is a Windows application designed to shuffle pictures automatically in batches. Its aim is to make it simpler and faster to copy or move photos from one folder or drive to another folder or drive, or vice versa. The program is capable of batch-sorting photos by various parameters (year, month, day of the week, time of the day, etc.), and even by their EXIF information (orientation, exposure, etc.). By default, it proceeds to find the images based on the current folder. However, if the current folder is not defined, then it goes through the folders and subfolders that are listed in the browse dialog. You can also use the Browse button to select a directory. You can set the copy destination and file naming conditions. The latter means that you can freely customize the order of the photos by editing the name, year, month, day of the week and time of the day fields, and even by allowing or disallowing copying certain EXIF information. Furthermore, PicShuffle has a wizard-based interface, which lets you see the settings at a glance and provides you with a preview of the selected batch. By the way, you can change the folder through which the tool looks for images while only the program window itself is opened. The utility lets you select multiple files, copy or move them in batches, and even quickly create thumbnails for the pictures. You can set how much space the tool can use to save images. This settings determines the size of the internal cache, which stores the files to be moved. Picshuffle Description: Picshuffle is a tool designed to copy or move multiple images at once. XnView is an advanced file management utility that lets you perform various file operations like rename, delete, move, copy, create directories, etc. The program is capable of handling photos, videos, music, PDFs, ZIP archives, ISO images, etc. The software supports all major photo formats, like JPEG, JPEG 2000, TIFF, TGA, BMP, GIF, PSD, PNG, and DNG. XnView Features: Add new names to the file Rename Delete Create directories Move to a different folder Extract files from archives

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KeyMacro is a small but powerful utility designed to help you easily use Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Click shortcuts in your PC and mobile devices. KeyMacro automatically adjusts the keyboard’s shortcuts (that is Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Cl… Airdrop for Windows is an application designed to transfer files to other computers on your network. It’s an ideal choice for moving files to a computer with a faster connection than your own, because airdrop downloads the file to your computer and then sends the file over the network without having to wait for it to finish its transfer. The airdrop tool can be used for sending files from a computer to other PCs on your network, or from a computer on your network to other computers. Additionally, the software enables you to transfer files of any type, including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, images, and other files. To copy a file, double-click on the file icon in Windows Explorer, and then click on Airdrop. In addition, you can drag-and-drop files directly from your computer to the airdrop window. Also, airdrop can be set to automatically open the current folder for you to save files when it starts. You can also prevent the tool from opening the specified folder by simply right-clicking the application’s icon in Windows and selecting the folder from the context menu. The application also allows you to choose the destination folder for the transfer, and automatically starts the process if the folder and files are already on the destination computer. We also liked that airdrop had a quick and easy way to use keyboard shortcuts to send files over the network, because you don’t have to hold down the Ctrl key and the Alt key at the same time. Keyboard macros for Windows Instead of using keyboard shortcuts, you can use KeyMacro to automatically press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Click on a keyboard to perform similar functions. This way you don’t need to remember the keyboard shortcuts, but instead can just press the button and use a few moments to complete the action. Of course, it’s also possible to use KeyMacro to quickly press the keys that you use most often in Windows, like Ctrl+Tab, Ctrl+Win+Tab, Ctrl+Alt+Del, Ctrl+Enter, Ctrl+Esc, and so on. KeyMacro is a handy application for automatically using keyboard shortcuts. KeyMacro Description: KeyMacro is a small, but powerful utility 2edc1e01e8

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You can now transfer and copy photos from your digital camera or memory card to your computer with Picmv! Picmv allows you to transfer your camera photos as well as digital videos right to your computer in bulk, so you can quickly copy and organize the contents of your camera. Transfer photos and videos right from your digital camera to your computer, allowing you to create photo albums, sort files by date and much more. The main advantage of Picmv is that it works with memory cards from many different cameras, as well as SD cards, USB thumb drives and more. Here are the features of Picmv: ✔ With Picmv you can transfer your photos and videos from your digital camera to your computer. ✔ Transfer photos and videos with ease: simply connect your camera with Picmv and it will begin to upload pictures and videos to your computer. ✔ Transfer photos and videos right from your memory card to your computer: choose your photos and videos from your memory card and drag them to your computer to upload. ✔ Picmv automatically recognizes the memory card inserted into your camera and will transfer the photos and videos from your memory card to your computer. ✔ Transfer photos and videos to your computer and create photo albums: create photo albums from your photos or sort the photos and videos by date or name. ✔ Create images from videos with ease: create a video from your digital camera photos or organize and transfer videos from your memory card to your computer. ✔ Pin your favorite photos and videos: organize and share your favorite pictures and videos on your PC with Picmv! ✔ Import photos from your USB flash drive: import your photos and videos from your USB flash drive to your computer. ✔ Display photos and videos with their original size: display the photos and videos in their original size. ✔ Detailed information for each photo: it shows the information about your photos such as: file size, date and time. ✔ Detailed information for each video: it shows the information about your videos such as: file size, date and time. ✔ File copying options: you can copy photos or videos from your digital camera to your computer right to your computer. ✔ Optimized for use with digital cameras: works with all types of digital cameras. ✔ No installation required: you can transfer photos and videos from your memory card to your computer right now with Picmv! ✔

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Windows 7 Mac OS X 10.7.5+ Graphics card: 256MB, or equivalent Broadband Internet connection Storage: minimum 1GB available space Basic Understanding: How do you power a large world with a single big point of interest? Excellency. To an architect, beauty is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and aesthetic design. You can’t have the former without the latter, but just because your heroes know their craft, it doesn’t mean you need to. I’ve seen a few “crash


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