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“VieSMS is an SMS gateway software that allows you to send SMS messages from your PC. VieSMS sends text messages to mobile phones and fax machines using the existing connection to your telephone line. With VieSMS you can send SMS messages to over 300 countries worldwide, as well as to India, UK, USA, Canada and China, using an easy-to-use interface. VieSMS has two convenient interfaces, an easy-to-use standalone program and a virtual COM port driver. VieSMS can be used with any phone number or fax number, and you can also define groups of phone numbers and faxes to be included in the same messages. For example, you can add all the numbers for a sales company to a message, send a text message to all the numbers asking them to buy your product, or to faxes to be sent all the other fax numbers in the same message. ” VieSMS Free Download You may also like… QRCodeReader is a freeware that can scan codes and decode them as text messages. You can read barcodes and QR codes from magazines, menus, labels, business cards, photographs, websites and many other interesting things and process the data. QRCodeReader also allows you to… SMS BackCall is the easiest way to send or receive SMS messages from a computer. With SMS BackCall your cell phone number becomes your cell phone address, so no matter which cell phone you use or where you are, you can just send an SMS to your cell phone from any computer. Send your SMS messages from your computer using this great little freeware SMS Program for Windows. Send SMS messages from computer is a simple, powerful and reliable software. Send SMS from computer can transmit SMS messages from Windows systems with SMPP protocol directly from computer. Send SMS from… As an advanced SMS message software,GsmMessage is used to send and receive SMS messages to your cell phones via GSM. It also works with USSD or SMSC on some GSM phones. GSMMessage will let you send and receive SMS messages to your cell phone via GSM. Some features include: Send and receive SMS messages from… There is a nice freeware called SMSBackCall. This is a really nice and powerful freeware that lets you send SMS messages from your PC. SMSBackCall uses your cell phone number as

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VieSMS is a free SMS solution that gives you complete control over SMS messages. VieSMS is perfect for you to communicate with your mobile customers through SMS messages. You can manage all text messages in one place by creating up to 200 unique group of SMS accounts. VieSMS supports the following major GSM networks: Airtel Bharti Airtel Idea India Mobile Vodafone India Reliance Airtel Tata Docomo Vodafone India Airtel Idea India Mobile We have also tested the software on the following TATA Docomo and Aircel networks, but we have not received any reports of failures. This software may also work with other TATA Docomo and Aircel networks. The number of text messages or the number of characters per SMS account and the amount of text messages or the number of characters per text message is limited by the local SMS policy. Features: Easy to use Compatible with GSM mobile phones SMS scheduler GSM Group management SMS load balancing SMS Broadcast Message forwarding Faster SMS delivery Auto reply User friendly graphical user interface Multi language support SMS inbox SMS forwarding Delivery Report Push-To-Talk Hot-List Additional Functions: SMS tab Send tab Mute tab Notifications tab Accounts tab Chat About this software The software may not work correctly with all mobiles and networks. VieSMS and the VieSMS logo are trademarks of PassWare Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.Q: 2D array that represents a graph and gets filled with nodes I’m writing a program that in a given point generates a random graph, in a sense that it can represent any graph (edge is present, number of vertices is fixed, adjacency matrix is symmetrical, but there can be multiple edges between any two vertices). Currently I’m trying to write a program that is able to fill this graph with random vertices (say if the amount of vertices is n, it will add n vertices, so it should be a “fill” function). Any suggestion for doing that? A: I would suggest a graph data structure. Graphs are pretty easy to create and maintain. So you may want to create a data structure to hold a graph. You could write a class that has all the properties you need (number of vertices, number of edges, adjacency matrix etc.) and then create an instance of that graph object. Then just create a new array that holds the objects

System Requirements For VieSMS:

• Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8/8.1 • Intel® Core™ i5 (or equivalent) processor • 2 GB of RAM • 1280 x 800 display • Internet Explorer 11 (or equivalent) • DirectX® 11.0 Compatible GPU. • Minimum of 4.7 GB of available hard drive space • 5.1 GB of available free space for installation of the game • 1 GB or more of free space for the installation of the game files

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