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RcCad is a lightweight and easy to use CAD application created to help you design various types of air planes, fast and easy. The application provides users with real time editing, automatic trigonometric interpolation, fuselage transparency, scale printing and the option to export 3D their projects to VRML format.







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+ There are 30 Airplanes, Ground Support Vehicles and Helicopters! + The user can open, save and load new 3D model files. + The aircraft can be viewed from the front or the back. + The cockpit can be rotated. + Interpolation of the fuselage in real time. + The outside of the aircraft can be printed. + Exporting projects to VRML format. + The application has the option to save the modified 3D objects to the local storage (SD card). + It is very easy to use! New mr. sketch 0.3 Sketch is a free, versatile, powerful and easy-to-use vector graphics editor. What’s new in this release: – New Export Options: – Fully Customizable/Resizable Toolbars: – Select All, Unselect All, Delete, Duplicate and Duplicate As Separately operations. – Customizable Button Height and Width: – User defined Draw Regions. – Ability to export to PDF and PS formats. – Minor bug fixes and improvements. More info at: *It’s a free, user-friendly vector graphics editor, with a refreshingly simple interface, so you can spend less time worrying about the nuts and bolts of the program and more time enjoying your creative endeavors. *No third-party plugins are required, so users can work from as many drawing tools and other programs as they please. *Additionally, mr. sketch 0.3 offers a slew of new and exciting features, including: – Full support for exporting to PDF and PS formats. – Ability to fully customize toolbars. – Newly designed buttons with new and more practical functions. – New Export options: – Select all, unselect all, delete, duplicate, and duplicate as separater operations. – Full customization of the button height and width. – A user-defined draw region selection tool. – Ability to export to PDF and PS formats. – User-defined draw regions. – Minor bug fixes and improvements. *At a larger scale, mr. sketch 0.3 offers even more options: – Full support for creating paths and curves in Bézier, Marquis and Spiral tools. – Automatic Bézier curve creation on the selection of objects. –

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=================== MACRO to make tronometric calculations in coordinates X, Y and Z. It works only with 2D objects because it is necessary to know the initial rotation of the object in a specific XY plane. Macro to obtain a 3D auto plane of any 2D file. – In this case, you will not need to worry about a possible rotation on the object. Macro to translate a plane into 3D. Macro to export an assembly into VRML format. Macro to make a level printing. 2D Menu: ========= New File: Add a 2D drawing file into the project and save the file in the project. Save: Save the file to the project and exit. Open: Open the file from the project. Save: Save the file to the project. Paste: Paste the file from the clipboard into the project. Delete: Delete the file from the project. Show: Show the last project. Exit: Exit the application. Export to VRML: Export the file to the VRML format and exit. Import from VRML: Import the file from the VRML format and exit. About: Show the information about the application. Export: Save the project as a.blend file. Export Assembly to VRML: Export the project as an assembly in.OBJ format. Edit: Edit the file in the project. Help: Show the help. Credits: Credits to the application creator. Create Project: Create a project from the.blend file. Checking: Check whether the project is updated or not. Close: Close the project window. Help: Show the help. Switch to Window: Switch to the window of the file selected. Close: Close the file selected window. 1: Load file: Load the file selected. 2: Merge Selected: Merge the file selected with the current project. 4: Make Dashes: Add the dashes automatically on the selected file. 5: Change All Strokes: Change all the strokes automatically on the selected file. 7: Make Equal-Width Lines: Make all the lines equal-width automatically on the selected file. 8: Clip to Plane: Clip the file selected to a plane. 10: Make Transparent: Make the file selected transparent. 11: Clip to Black Plane: Clip the file selected to the black plane. 12: R 2edc1e01e8

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RcCad is a 3D CAD application with an easy-to-use user interface and integrated file browser. The application is fully object based, featuring unlimited scaling, control over shading and smooth rendering. * 100 objects included * unlimited scaling * automatic trigonometric interpolation * transparency * fuselage and engine model * export as VRML * adjustable drawing mode * supports basic windows features Features: An innovative real time 3D editor, RcCad allows for fast, smooth and intuitive modeling. The application uses the very efficient 3D graphics engine of the Windows Platform and is available in three versions, with native rendering support: * Web version is free and opens all supported formats and file extensions directly in the browser, while retaining all editing features. * Standard version provides a faster editing experience but is limited to files with a specific extension. * Stand alone version is the most powerful version of the software and is not available for free. The application has the following main windows: * main drawing window for the most frequent operations such as dragging, cutting, scaling and moving. * properties window to set various design parameters, such as color, position, size and transparency. * the file browser * the measurement window to set size, scale and position of all the selected objects and points * the help window with the online manual, online and offline help, and tutorials What’s New in This Version: Version 2.0 is the first release in a new version series, using a new architecture that greatly increases stability and performance. Use the latest version of RcCad to experience real-time 3D design that’s only available in this version of the application. CuteMagic Personal Edition A free downloadable version of CuteMagic Personal Edition. CuteMagic Personal Edition is a desktop application to batch resize, resize and then copy-paste a number of pictures and images into a new folder or into any document. The program supports multiple input and output folders and multiple images in the same batch, so you can create a new folder with any number of images, even hundreds. The batch processing feature makes CuteMagic Personal Edition an easy-to-use tool for image processing and photo manipulation. GraphicsMagick’s Logo GraphicsMagick is a library for doing image processing and other graphics-related tasks in programs that run on the Macintosh platform, Unix systems, Microsoft Windows, Linux and

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RcCad is a lightweight and easy to use CAD application created to help you design various types of air planes, fast and easy. The application provides users with real time editing, automatic trigonometric interpolation, fuselage transparency, scale printing and the option to export 3D their projects to VRML format. Version: Price: $19.95 File Size: 22.9 MB 3D Vehicle Designer Description 3D Vehicle Designer allows you to create 3D models of your vehicles. It is easy to use, and there are many functions and tools. You can convert them to your 3D printer format or you can use them for many other applications. Version: 2.11 Price: $25.00 File Size: 19.9 MB Caddie Screensaver Description Caddie is a very nice screensaver that shows a typical scene of a field in summer with some flowers. Version: Price: $15.00 File Size: 11.9 MB Cad Fox Description Cad Fox is a rather complete cad-plotting program. It has a 2D plotting, edit, 3D-editing and saving and printing possibilities. It can be used for educational purposes as well as for any other usage, e.g. for academic work, printing and engraving purposes. Version: 1.4.1 Price: $55.00 File Size: 26.5 MB Cad-Insight Description Cad-Insight is a CAD program for mechanical design, engraving, and printing. It runs on Windows and Linux/Unix platforms. The program is compatible with Windows, Linux, Solaris, and Mac OS X. Cad-Insight can be used on 2D and 3D drawing, and printing in the 2D and 3D-laser printers. Version: 3.0 Price: $60.00 File Size: 28.5 MB Cad Home Description Cad Home is an application to view and edit 2D CAD drawings. Its graphical user interface allows you to view and print your drawings. It can be used on the mobile phones and tablets. Version: 3.0 Price: Free File Size: 12.3 MB CadLibre Description CadLibre is a cad application for free and Open Source. The application is in use in the colleges and universities of Chile and Spain. It can also be used in aeronautics, construction, mechanical, electrical and civil engineering. It runs on Windows and Linux/Unix platforms. Version: 1.


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OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8.1, and 10 CPU: Intel Dual Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz or greater RAM: 4GB or greater Hard Drive: 500GB or greater DirectX®: Version 9.0 Network: Broadband Internet connection Sound Card: Audio device (including a headset, if applicable) Mouse: Microsoft IntelliMouse or compatible Resolution: 1024 x 768 or greater Additional Notes: Screenshots may


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