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* Available for Android and iOS devices. * View the information from the coins of your collection in convenient form. * Calculate the amount of metal and the weight of your collection. * View the information of coins from the bullion index. * Theoretically calculated prices for the coins. * Indication of coins whose price has recently increased in the index. * A convenient interface and comfortable menu, ideal for numismatics beginners. Instructions on using Bullion Coin Counter: * Open the application (if necessary, tap the icon from the “Home” screen). * Enter the number of coins you have in your collection. * When it starts to count the coins, tap the “Stop” button. * Enter the weight of the coins. * When the application ends, tap the “Start” button. * The application will open a list of coins. * You can select the coins you want to view the information in the “Collection” tab. * To move forward or backward, tap the square buttons at the right edge of the screen. * The counter will start counting again after you click the “Stop” button. * You can set the calculator to “Automatic” or “Manual”. * You can also set the calculator to “Bullion Coin” or “Gold”. * You can enter the value of the coins on the “Index” tab. * You can select from the “Reverse” or “Standard” calculation method. * You can also select from various types of the currency. * You can also set the calculator to “Economy” or “World”. * You can also turn on/off the calculator of the coins whose price on the market has recently increased. * You can select to view the “Type” in the calculator. * You can also calculate the value of the coins based on the unit of weight. * You can also measure the values in terms of bars and ounces. * You can also set the calculator to “Units” or “Percentage”. * You can also enter the weight of the coins. * You can also set the calculator to “USD”, “CAD”, or “GBP”. * You can also select the units of weight (grams, kilograms, pounds). * You can also view the coins based on the bullion index. * The coins whose value has recently increased will be marked.

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* Shows the exact weight of your coins, regardless of size. * Exact data about the coin and the approximate metal content. * Pays off the value of your coins in an easy-to-use interface. * Keeps a record of all your coin collection and calculates the value of your collection. * Supports all coin types and includes their different designs. * Shares all your data with your friends and family. * Requirements: X86 or X64 Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10 256 MB RAM DirectX 9.0 * If you want to help the author, you can donate him. * Bullion Coin Counter is free for personal use. Any question? Contact me! * Another non-official of Pokemon X/Y. This is a fan game that simulates the main story of Pokemon X/Y with it’s Pokemon. The Story The story begins in a land called Galar, on the borders of the three regions. In this land there were many various tribes, like the Bagonians, the Shinzahians, the Chiltaobians, the Limbongs, the Calcasian and the Mudkipians. These tribes shared two things, the Pokemon League and the peace treaty. On the history of the Pokemon League. Weeks later, a young boy name Shuna found an egg and hatched it. His mother’s called him a boy, but he wanted to call himself the Pokemon Trubbish, as he loved trash. With the egg he found he had learned to use the unique Pokemon abilities of the egg. This led him to explore and try to find the pokemon league, in the hopes of winning the pokemon league and the great power that came with it. After exploring many lands, he came to the place of that called Galar. With his new friends and his new pokemon powers, he started traveling to various places. A new event called the journey was starting, with his friends with new partners that he met, he was starting to explore the Galar region. Plot The Plot of this story is about a boy named Shuna, and his journey through Galar region, where he met with new people and pokemon and many new adventures. There are many new characters, a man called Tan

What’s New in the Bullion Coin Counter?

Do you know the difference between the weight, quality and the market value of your coin collection? Do you collect coins because they are beautiful and valuable? Bullion Coin Counter is designed for those collectors. You should download the software, for which it will be granted a free trial period for 14 days. During this time, you can count the amount of the coins in your collection and learn how much they are worth. Choose the mode. The program is in three modes, which are: (1) Weight mode: calculates the weight of the collection and gives you a detailed list of the metal composition of the collection. You can then make a profit by selling your collection. (2) Value mode: calculates the value of the collection and lets you determine the percentage ratio between the actual value and the sale price of your collection. (3) Import mode: import your collection and organize it by assigning each coin a different folder. You can then create as many folders as you like and use them for other collections. Select the kind of files. You can use two types of files: 1. bin files and 2. coin files. A bin file contains data about the quantity of coins in your collection, while a coin file is a record of your collection containing information about the name and the weight of each coin. By default, the bin and coin files will be imported into your collection. Choose the category. It’s not enough to count the amount of coins in your collection. You also have to assign a category for each coin. This helps you to sort your collection by quality, composition and so on. Enter the amount of each coin in the collection. Each coin in your collection has its own bin file. These bin files can contain the following data: Currency code. Weight of the coin. Real value. Coin series. Add new item. Click this button to add the coin to the collection. Each coin has a bin file, and you can add as many as you like. You can view the number of coins in each bin file by clicking the button. How much is this coin worth? By using the Weight mode, you can automatically calculate the number of coins in each of your collections. Then you can compare the value of each coin to its metal content. Choose the coin. After opening the coin collection, you can select the coin you wish to view in more detail. This is important because different coins are of different weight, and this is one of the factors that affect the real value of a coin. Select coin series and weight. In this mode, you can sort the coins by: Series: separate coins into groups, such as Ancient, Middle Ages, Renaissance, etc. Weight


System Requirements:

Visual effects: Nvidia GTX 1050 Intel Core i3 or AMD equivalent Memory: 2 GB Installation: Open the archive and install everything from the Don’t forget to activate your video drivers. If you play the same line again, you can save the game by going back to the main menu. If you are really into this game, there is also a detailed walkthrough you can find in the Technical Specs: 4K resolution Enhanced for


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